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In the Spring of 2009, Ballet for Young Audiences/Ballet Repertory, NYC, added an adult series of ballets titled Spring Dances, which first appeared at LaGuardia College and has grown consistently every year. It presents works from new choreographers in NYC, along with established groups such as the Astoria Symphony, Ayazamandas, Octavia Cup Dance, Direction Dance Ensemble and Martha Graham 2. 

Spring Song

Choreography by Edwin Kinter & Harriett Kinter

Music by Silas Huff


This 25 minute ballet is based on the painting by artist Shanye Huang. It tells the story of a traditional Chinese village and 9 of the people who live there. An American musician arrives and falls in love with a young woman who becomes trapped between her new love and her family traditions.

Accursed Hunter

Choreography by Edwin Kinter

Music by C Franck


This 24 minute ballet was inspired by the ballad Der wilde Jäger (The Wild Hunter) by the German poet Gottfried August Bürger.  It is about an arroant nobleman who is doomed by his own selfishness.

The Water Goblin

Choreography by Edwin Kinter

Music by Dvorak


This 20 minute ballet tells the dark  story of a young woman captured by a wicked water goblin and the difficult choices she must make. It is based on Dvorak's symphonic poem. 

The Father

Choreography by Edwin Kinter

Music by Dvorak


This 20 minute ballet explores the relationship between a father and his daughter when she gets lost in the woods and he goes searching for her.

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